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About Kite Flyer Info

KiteFlyerInfo.com was written an developed by W.J. Rayment (me) for people who love to fly and make kites. The main object of this site is to present some basic kite designs that utilize basic materials that can be found about the house. Most people will only need to purchase a couple of inexpensive 1/4-inch dowels to put together a spectacular diamond, delta or box kite.

When I say spectacular, I must give fair warning that I designed these kites to be larger than the average kite you can purchase. Even so, they can be scaled down. I have tested each kite design (I even had to redraw the box-kite twice after some initial dissatisfaction with the dimensions). I was able to construct each one of the designs in less than an hour. Of course, I had a good idea of what I was doing before I started. Nevertheless a novice should be able to construct any of my three basic designs with very little trouble. (If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me for clarification to the instructions - there should be a contact link at the bottom of every page.)

For completeness, I have added some pages about the history of kite flying and a bit about more advanced kites. I have included a section about stunt kites because I feel they are probably the next step the novice will want to take into the world of kite flying. However, I have refrained from publishing a design because of the complexity of the beast and the precision necessary for a successful construction. This is no reflection on the reader, but rather my own prejudice for easy designs that allow some latitude in length, width, and height.

Kite flying should be fun, and in this spirit I wrote a short section about Richard Babley a fictional kite-flying character from a Dickens novel. Also, the fact that I use newspaper for the sail of all of my kite designs makes the reference rather appropriate.

It is hoped that both beginners and old-hands at kite flying can come away from this site having learned something new about this fun, and even exhilarating sport. For more details about how this site was constructed, visit our index page.

To contact the owner of this website via snail mail, you may use the following address:
KiteFlyerInfo.com, 156 North 4th Street Harbor Beach, MI 48441

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KiteFlyerInfo.com was created primarily to highlight some original kite designs using basic materials such as newspapers, dowels, and packing tape. But it has also become a repository of other useful information about kite flying. Use the navigation links at the top of the page to find out about some of the many different kinds of kites. Just above are links to some of our kite designs as well as some interesting info we have gathered.

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