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Box Kites

Box Kites are a very traditional type of kite, and yet it is always amazing to see them fly because they do not appear to be as aerodynamic as a diamond or a delta. But if you consider the angle that they fly to the wind you will see that they expose quite a bit of sail area, and the boxes actually form "V" shapes that allow the wind to push them upward.

Box kite flying image
A great advantage of box kites is the ability to create larger kites by combining several boxes in the design. A good example of this is the Hargrave kite, which you can read about on our kite history page. Box kites are not as easy to fly as the simpler designs, but they are not really difficult either. In our design, they probably require a bit more wind, because their weight to sail area ratio is a bit higher.

Box kites have an elegant design, that is amenable to fun decorations, especially decorations of a geometric variety. An interesting aspect of the box kite is that it is exactly the same whether it is right-side-up or up-side-down, with the exception of the placement of the tail and the bridle ring. If you would like to assemble your own box kite from newspapers, dowels, and other items you might have lying about the house visit our Box Kite Design page.

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