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I got this nostalgic note from Stan, after which I took my Newspaper Diamond Kite out of mothballs and took it down the Beach Park. The variable winds on this early spring day made for some exciting kite flying. (April 2008)

Thanks for posting the information on building kites from newsprint on the web. From the time I was a kid to a senior in college I built both box and diamond kites from newsprint and then we used what we called weeds for the cross braces, etc.

I am not sure what the weeds were but they were light and strong. I grew up in southern Indiana, we do not seem to have those same weeds here in Missouri where I live now.

Our paste was flour and water, all we needed was either a nickel or a dime to purchase a roll of string (I think we got 2 cents for each soft drink bottle we found and took to the store) and we had it made for many months of summer fun. Later we started using wrapping paper in place of the newsprint.

So now over 50 years later I find I am going to buy some dowels from the hardware store and get a couple rolls of string from the web and see what I can build out of the Sunday funnies. I always favored the box kite. But many a diamond flew with over 500 ft of sting and parts of old shirts rip up for the tails. I am going to try your delta design.

I think I will use white glue in place of the flour and water and perhaps even try vegetable food coloring to dye the newsprint. One thing for certain, the current string for kites is a lot better than what we had in the 50s and 60s.

Cheers, Stan

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