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Delta Kites

Delta kites are one of the easiest kites to fly. The delta name comes from the triangular shape of the kite. Some think it looks like the top half of a diamond, but the structure is really quite different.

Anatomy of a Delta Kite image
Where the diamond kite will have two spars, the delta has four. Even so, it is a relatively simple design that can be easily created from household materials and a few wooden dowels. The main strength of the delta comes from the cross-brace, which holds the outside spars apart, while the spine strengthens the middle of the sail. Next to a sled kite, this is the easiest kite to store and transport because it can be broken down and folded simply by removing the cross-brace.

The shape and sail area of the delta make it perfect for light breezes. But deltas can be configured for higher wind conditions by changing the angle of the "V" at the top of the kite. Depending on the design, a delta may not need a tail. However, a tail does add stability to most kite designs by keeping the kite upright to the wind. Kites are generally design to move to wherever their top is pointing. So if they turn upside-down or side-ways they will accelerate toward the ground.

Deltas are also the prototype for most stunt kites. However, stunt kites require extra bracing and a swept wing in order to accommodate the two strings necessary to make it controllable. I have designed a simple delta you can make very easily at home.

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