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Kate and I and our new kite image
This series of pics shows us trying to get the Richard Babley Memorial Kite off the ground in a very light breeze. It was the first snow of winter, but that could hardly deter determined kite flyers. This kite is a large 4 by 4 diamond and, if you would like to build this simple model visit our diamond kite design page.

Just getting the kite off the ground image.
I licked my finger and stuck it in the air, but naturally the breeze was changeable on this day, and I initially tried to launch the kite in the wrong direction. Part of the problem here was how sheltered this lawn was by trees and houses.

Taking a running start image.
With the adjustable bridle ring , I ended up increasing the angle of attack and taking a good hard run to get the kite over the level of the tree-tops where the wind was a bit more steady. Note the tail of the kite is made by linking rings of paper together like a chain. This actually makes it easier to temporarily shorten the tail, if necessary. A piece of tape is all that is needed to restore its full length.

I really like this kite because it is inexpensive to build and the simplest thing in the world to repair. Its entire structure is composed of two dowels, some newspaper, a few sheets of copier paper and admittedly a fair amount of packing tape. (I would have used duct tape, but it might have proved too heavy.)

Taking a running start image.

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