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Kite Safety

No one I know of has yet advocated the wearing of helmets and shoulder-pads for kite flying. However, there are certain things about kite-flying which the average kite flyer should keep in mind.

1. Probably the biggest no-no is flying a kite in the presence of lightening. Most people know how Benjamin Franklin did this stunt to prove that lightening was indeed electricity. He succeeded and he avoided getting burned to a crisp. Nevertheless, this would be a highly dangerous maneuver that can result in severe injuries and even death. So DON'T FLY A KITE IN A THUNDERSTORM.

2. Even though a kite is built to be light, there are some rigid materials in it. It can accelerate to the degree that getting hit with a plummeting diamond or delta could actually hurt quite badly. It hasn't happened often by kites have even been known to draw blood. This means you shouldn't be flying a kite low to the ground directly over people who are unaware of what you are about. This also goes for flying a kite near vehicles (especially the neighbor's new Jaguar). Flying a kite in traffic or near parked vehicles is also a mistake.

3. Sure that kite string is only a thin line, but wrapped around someone's neck it can create real injuries. Kite string can also get tangled with the lines of other neighboring kites. Stunt kites have thinner and stronger line than the average kite. Because stunt kites generally fly close to the ground, flyers should be especially careful that there are no innocent bystanders between them and their stunt kite.

4. Don't fly a kite near electrical wires, many kites are made with graphite spars which can conduct electricity. The admonition in rule 1 goes for rule 4 as well. Electricity is a handy energy source for most purposes, but we don't want it coursing through our bodies. If you should get a kite caught in electrical wires or even in a kite-eating tree, it might be wise to get professional assistance for retrieval.

So, you didn't realize that kite flying was such a dangerous sport? Well, really it is quite safe, just use a little common sense and adhere rigidly to the four rules above. Go out there and have fun!

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