Flying Kites

Flying Kites! Can you imagine a festival without them? Kite flying happens to be one of the most popular events held every year around the world. Flying impression The exotic beauty of kites made them a great choice for decorating. The unique design, range of colors and styles, and ability to make the experience of flying in the air fun and exciting has made them very popular with children and adults alike. India is a country with a rich tradition and culture of festivals, sports and fun. The kite flying festival is an integral part of this culture. It is celebrated at least once in a year in most parts of the country. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of March, or Karthik Purnima. Many communities hold a festival of flying kites and parades with kites flying and colorful clothes strewn all over the place. There are many interesting things that can happen when you go fly a kite. For example, it can help improve your coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and mood. When you go fly a kite, you become aware of how your body and mind work together to control the wind. This awareness helps you relax. Many people who have fainted due to high winds on their way to work have realized the importance of kite flying after they had recovered from their shock. In India many communities celebrate a special festival on the full moon of Karthik Purnima (the kite flying month). On this day, people all over the country fly kites to celebrate the joy and the beauty of flying. Flying artwork They fly kites made of cloth and string to symbolize the bond between man and the nature. The cloth is said to represent the wind, which is the agent that makes the kite fly. People also tie colorful strips and branches to their kites as a way of decorating them. Each person's flying kite represents something different and that is why every kite that flies on the air is different. Another type of kite is the scientific purposes. Scientific purposes are used for demonstration or research purposes in scientific institutions such as NASA, and the military. These kites are shaped like hexagons, squares, or other shapes. The hexagonal kite has four sides, whereas the square kite has six sides. The square kite is mainly used to demonstrate the properties of fluids or gases on earth or in outer space. The hexagonal flying kites are usually used to test the force of air pressure on the surface of a rotating rod. This is a common test that is done to measure the resistance of a fluid against the wind. A single-line kite design was primarily used for scientific purposes, because the shape is easier to analyze. The single-line kite is only two and a half feet in length; it looks like a regular octagon. Its design is similar to the shape of a soda can. Flying graphic Flying kites come in various colors. The most popular ones are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and black. In Japan, there is a national kite flying festival. On this day, bamboo shoots are used to form the perfect kite design. On this festival, each kite is made from one bamboo shoot, thus symbolizing single-line flight. On the festival, kites with different colors fly together at the same time. As a result, the distance covered by each kite increases over time. The speed and the height of the kites increase as well. Each kite-flying event happens around Easter. Many Japanese celebrate Easter on a national level and on the date of the public holiday, which is the martyrdom of St. Valentine. There, kite-flying becomes an important part of the festivities.